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Airport Transfer

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We have reasonable prices

  • Free Ports
  • Airport transfer
  • Offer request
  • No commission
On the peninsula Chalkidiki 10 Ports of 12 are free of charge. Enjoy the idyllic ports, what you imagine about Greece. Of course there are also 2 private ports, which are one of the most modern in Greece. We come to the airport by arrangement to pick you up.Book for cheap, because there are no extra broker fee. Simply ask for an offer

Boat charter by us

  • dinghy with external engine
  • boat briefing
  • welcome fruits basket
  • sailing trip proposal
  • shopping tour to the supermaket
There is detailed briefing from us. We will explain you exactly where are everything and how there are working. Dinghy with external engine (extra charge). We prepare an individual sailing trip for you. We have been doing chartering here in Chalkidiki for years, so our local knowledge is an advantage for you. There is a fruit basket for you as a welcome greeting. A special service and very helpful for you is the supermarket trip with our company car, so you don’t have any difficulties to find a supermarket and after dragging everything back to the boat.

Internet service

  • GPS tracker
  • Virtual check-in
  • Video of all ports
  • Tablet with Navionics
  • Local mobilephone
We have an excellent internet service for you namely starting from the GPS tracker, so you or your family at home will know where to find you. Virtual check-in,we send you a Youtube link with a password at the booking. There will be everything explained till the smallest thing of the boat. Tablet with GPS and Navionics – so you always know where you are located and with accurate details and photos of the region. Of course we have a local mobilephone, so you can reach us any time for free.

Why to book by us?

  • Perfect service for you and for your safety. You don’t get this service anywhere..
  • Use our technical know-how.
  • Perfect service for you and for your safety. You don’t get this service anywhere.
  • Cleanliness belongst to the first place by us
  • No inconvenient paperbusiness
  • Airport transfer – comfortable to boat without stress.

Airport Transfer

We take you from the Airport to the Boat and back, you have nothing to do. Just enjoy our Service and save Money you can spend in a nice taverna

Tablet with Navionics

We have a tablet mit Navionics for you will all the photos of the local ports. That means for you, that you arrive prepared into the port.

Virtuel Check in

Virtual check-in is an innovation on the market. We have a detailed video with all the small things which you would like to know about the boat. You know the boat before you arrive.

The Ports

Daysailing took a photo of all the ports of the peninsula Chalkidiki, so you can get an idea before you start your holiday. You can also have a look at our port-videos on Youtube.

Videos & photos about all ports

Videos & photos about all portsFatigue was not sparing and we filmed all the ports plus the fishing places, so you can have a look at the whole sailing area of Chalkidiki comfortable and in quiet after the booking. So you already know the port before you sail into. Beautiful bays to anchor and small fishing villages are wainting for you. Chalkidiki is an insider-tip – no full harbours. For more questions we are on Skype at service.

Port Information

Nea Moudania is our home port and is on Kasandra on the first peninsula – 50 km far from Thessaloniki.
Nea Moudania is a small town and in the evenings there many places to go out there.

We have video material and photos for you, so you can size up the ports before your sailing trip.
Perfectly prepared on your holiday with Daysailing.

In order to be informed every time also on the boat about the next port or the next bay.
Daysailing has a tablet with Navionics on the boat.

Mobilephone on the sea, in oder not to have more phone expenses and to be able to call us every time.
Daysailing gives you a phone at your service.

Almost all ports are cost-free on the peninsulas of Chalkidiki.
Except 2 luxury harbours you can sail into all ports without paying fee.

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